We spent 20 years as SCUBA Instructors and have logged thousands of dives around the world.  We have also certified hundreds of students. As Instructor Trainers, we also taught the Pros.
Now, you can benefit from our expertise by diving with us. Although we are no longer active Instructors, we still love diving and look forward to diving with you.
Drew Vactor             
PADI MSDT - 157254      
SSI Instructor Trainer - 10332
      Karen (Kandie) Vactor
       PADI MSDT - 162581
SSI Instructor Trainer - 10331
Kandie, a Fourth Degree Black Belt, has been a martial arts instructor for many years, winning three national championships. She is also a published author.  She brings this teaching expertise to the under water world.
Drew ran the highest rated restaurant in Arizona for 26 years (The Tack Room).
He brings his extraordinary organization and people skills to the under water realm. Drew is also a Webmaster and computer consultant.
Water's Warm -- Time is Right -- Let's Go Diving
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